Release Cultural Limiting Beliefs to Transform Your Life 

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Stop seeing your life through the narrow lens of “shoulds” or through “el qué dirán”

Tune into your soul’s purpose 
and create a life without limits

The AMIGA Way is your guide to releasing old patterns – so you can embrace the life you were meant to live. 

It’s the book I needed when I was a young lawyer, dreaming of a life where everything was easy: Where time could feel abundant, making money could feel effortless, and each day could feel joyful. 

I wrote this book for you, Amiga, if:

  • You’re working too hard in a job that isn’t your true calling

  • You’re tired of putting everyone else’s needs ahead of your own

  • You’ve been holding yourself back because of fear, imposter syndrome, or the feeling that you’re not enough

  • You’ve always sensed that there’s more for you… but aren’t sure where to begin

No pasa nada! You’re ready for something bigger, amiga, and the AMIGA Way will guide you to success & freedom – on your own terms!

In The AMIGA Way, you’ll receive everything you need to…

Step into your own truth and shake off the noise of other people’s expectations with my proven 4+ step AMIGA formula
Release the hustle mindset that traps so many Latinas in a life of overwork and overwhelm

Build the road map to design the life you’ve always dreamed of through 9 practical exercises 

Make savvy choices – with your bank account AND your romantic life

Lead from your heart and create a legacy you can be proud of 

Create an abundant life and grow your wealth the AMIGA Way

Turn simple actions into major transformations with 15 step-by-step guides

Hola, Amiga!

Host of the podcast Amiga, Handle Your Shit! … author of the book The AMIGA Way … and transformational life coach for fierce Latinas (and other Amigas) like you

I’m a proud first-generation Mexican American – the first in my family to get a higher education. The first to become a lawyer.

But I walked away from my well-paid law career. (Guess how my parents felt about that… 😬) 

Along the way, I found my heart’s mission: guiding Amigas out of hustle culture and into a life of holistic wealth. A life where everything flows.

When I stopped putting work ahead of everything else, I discovered a sacred sense of ease and grace – and I want to share that feeling with you. 

I wrote The AMIGA Way so you can shortcut the painfully long path I took to finding my true calling, and start living the life of your dreams!

I’m Jackie Tapia

– Rosa Martin

"I just did a work trip in St. Louis and feel as though the world conspired for me to read your book. This feels divine. I had to write and send my appreciation. OMG, THE ABUNDANCE WORKSHEET! As I had dinner with myself and reflected on the answers, I had a breakthrough. I realized God's message to me. I broke out in tears when I realized God has been there every step of the way, I just needed both courage and confidence to achieve them.

Amiga, THANK YOU for letting me into your world and THANK YOU for having the courage to write this book. I love your spirituality and hope to continue strengthening mine. Your book hits different than others I’ve read because you are a member of my community and not an Oprah I haven't met.

Your courage is not far removed from me - if you can do it, I can do it too. AMIGA, YOU ARE INSPIRATION."

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