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Amiga, we need to talk:

And success doesn’t have to 
come before happiness – 
even if the world is telling you differently

It’s time to write your own story

(One where there’s no hustle in your happily ever after) I’m the transformational life coach you need to make shit happen!

Achieving your dreams doesn’t have to be so hard

What my Amigas are saying...

– Fanny V.

“During my mastermind journey I have become more mindful of my abilities to have an abundant and fulfilling life. I have learned how to tackle negativity in my life and how to react with mindfulness and clarity. The experts that spoke had such inspirational testimonials that I will carry with me forever. I will study my notes and use the tools I have learned to live a life of abundance... spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Thank you Amiga for opening my mind.”

“From the day that I met you, I'm so grateful and blessed to have you in my life. You have been transforming my life mentally.”

- Janie R

“Greetings Jackie! Thank you very much for writing your book, The Amiga Way. I am 58 years old and in the process of reinventing myself, once again. Your book possesses powerful tools that I am very excited to integrate into my life! Brightest blessings to you!

- Jeannine H

You don’t need to give 120% to have a good life

In fact, giving 120% is the opposite of a good life

You can find success, ease, and abundance 
the way YOU define it

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Psst – you don’t need to be Latina to be an Amiga

Am I speaking your language, even though you don’t speak Spanish?

Maybe you, too, have immigrant parents. Or maybe you grew up with feelings of scarcity, or never-enough-ness. Or maybe hustle culture has you feeling like a hamster on a wheel.

If you’re reading this, you’re in the right place.

I see you. And I’m here for you. Whatever your background!

From the outside, you have what everyone wants – or you’re nearly there: the career, the house, the family.

So why does it feel like something’s missing?

Maybe you’ve got your dream job, but it doesn’t feel like a dream.

Maybe you dread your inbox and can’t trick yourself into motivation.

Maybe anxiety, depression, and insomnia have your mind restless and churning.

Or maybe new physical symptoms are popping up out of nowhere.

Maybe you love your family more than anything, but there’s something inside you yearning for more.

You’ve always been a hard worker. And your drive has taken you a long way in life.

Still, you can’t shake the little voice that says: I did everything I was supposed to. Why does everything still feel so hard?

You’re not alone – especially if you’re Latina.

If your parents or grandparents were immigrants, you probably watched them hustle so you could thrive. So you could get the best education, the highest-paying career.

Any of this feel true?:

  • You grew up believing that money and opportunity don’t come easy. If you’re going to succeed, you need to work harder than everyone else. Get the A. Ace the entrance exam. Nail the interview. Prove you earned your place in the room.

  • You wear a mask of confidence over your self-doubt. Underneath it, you worry that if you take your foot off the gas, it’ll all fall apart. You have to stick it out, suck it up. And no matter what, don’t fail.  

  • You learned early to play by the rules, ask for permission, not ruffle any feathers. And always be the best. "Calladita Te Ves Mas Bonita”

You overcame a lot to get to where you are, and you should feel fulfilled.

If you’re like me, you’re proud to be Latina and you love our community.  In fact, Mexicans are the happiest people on the planet.

But some of the beliefs you inherited aren’t working for you. 

Living on hyperdrive is exhausting. 

And it doesn’t leave much room for listening to your dreams. Following the call of your soul. Or honoring your body, mind, and relationships.

Yes, you should feel grateful to the previous generations who helped you get where you are today. They did a lot to ensure you’d have a better life.

Do you know who does? 

You do, Amiga!

You get to define what wealth, happiness, and ease mean for you.

You get to break the cycle. Reinvent success. Create new definitions of abundance. For yourself, and the generations who will come after you.

If you’re thinking 💥hell yes💥 but aren’t sure how to start...

I can help.

I love empowering Amigas to live the lives they deserve: free from hustle, struggle, and striving, and deep in their own beautiful flow.  

But here’s the thing: they don’t get to decide what your better life is.

Ni madres!

Ditch self-limiting beliefs — if it doesn’t flow, let it go

The hustle and grind doesn’t define you. Your time is worth so much more. Let go of cultural pressures and be the fearless Amiga you were meant to be!

Find wealth – in all ways & always

True wealth is more than financial freedom. Release the scarcity mindset. And rest into abundance – with your money, time, career, and relationships.

Embrace your Divine calling

Create your own vision of success – guided by your true higher purpose. And then make it happen, for a life filled with grace, peace, and joy.

Grab the tools of transformation so you can find your abundance

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Start your journey today!

Whatever you call that higher power, you’ll learn how to tune in and listen – so you can hear those messages that are meant just for you. You’ll open your heart and raise your vibration to create a brilliant vision for your genuine, best self.

Tap into the Divine Feminine / Source

It’s time to stop playing small and start living an abundant life.

Here’s how I’ll help you get there, poco a poco:

We’ll build the inner structure for a new set of beliefs – and rewire the ones that aren’t working for you. We’ll replace your self-doubts with clarity, confidence, and certainty. So you’re bright-eyed and ready for what’s next.

Reset your mindset

We’ll use my proven AMIGA Formula to connect the dots between where you are now and where you’re meant to be – and help you walk that path with style. So you can live a life that’s bigger, braver, and more beautiful than ever!

Embrace the AMIGA Formula

It’s worked for so many badass Amigas.

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Estás lista? Vámonos!

Hola, Amiga!

Host of the podcast Amiga, Handle Your Shit! … author of the book The AMIGA Way … and transformational life coach for fierce Latinas (and other Amigas) like you

I’m a proud first-generation Mexican American – the first in my family to get a higher education. The first to become a lawyer.

But I walked away from my prestigious and profitable law career. (Guess how my parents felt about that… 😬) 

Along the way, I found my heart’s mission: guiding Amigas out of hustle culture and into a life of holistic wealth. A life where everything flows.

When I stopped putting work ahead of everything else, I discovered a sacred sense of ease and grace – and I want to share that feeling with you. 

I’m Jackie Tapia


Are you on a journey to the best version of yourself? A pilgrimage to a life without limits, free from the hustle mindset? My new book is your roadmap. 

The AMIGA Way shares proven formulas, practical exercises, and step-by-step guides for turning simple actions into major transformations – so you can design the life you’ve always dreamed of, and take concrete steps to achieve it.

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It’s time to step into your abundant life.

Join the tribe of badass Amigas who have slowed their pace, designed their happiness, and followed their bliss.

It doesn’t have to be hard anymore.

You don’t have to figure it all out on your own. I’ll help you move forward faster – and without making the mistakes I did. I’ll make it easy. I’ll make it fun. And we’ll get there together.

It’s time to enter your rebellious era.

Your me-first era.

The burro al último mentality is dunzo.

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- Caroline

“Life has recently thrown me quite a number of curve balls. From losing my father to losing someone I thought was my soulmate. In the past three years, I’ve lost myself and I’ve questioned God for the adversities. I fell into despair and self pity only to be lucky enough to rekindle my friendship with someone that has been my little Angel. 

With speculation, I joined The Amiga Way Academy. Being part of this group has allowed me to level up again. Most importantly, I’ve made friendships with strong ladies that empower women. The women in the group are not only friends but I consider them my tribe! 

Jackie’s graceful and poised sessions have allowed me to find the strength to confront those adversities. The resources and tools shared have given me insight to align myself in a higher frequency and to find the true ‘Me.’ I’m grateful for Jackie’s leadership and resources. Thank you Jackie! 💕”