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It’s your life. Tu vida.

I’ll help you reclaim your power, get out of autopilot, and create a life you love

Find clarity, abundance, and flow
– the Amiga Way!

So why does it feel like someone else is driving?

I’ve got questions for you, Amiga.

Do you feel excited about tomorrow, every day?
Do you wake up with energy, clarity, and confidence for the day ahead? 
Does your life feel easy, wealthy, and abundant, like you’re always in a state of flow?


Does the thought of tomorrow’s to-do list fill you with dread? 
Do you hit the snooze button, over and over, until the morning is a stress-filled frenzy?  
Does every day feel like a struggle – mentally, emotionally, and financially?

If you were raised in the Latino community, you know how wonderful our culture is. Being Latino means embracing family, connection, and heritage. 

But for mujeres especially, it can also mean limitations. Habits that don’t serve you. Like:

Putting everyone else first

Fulfilling other people’s expectations – without considering what you really want

Proving your value by ACHIEVING

La mera neta:

Over time, those habits can lock you into a life and career that doesn’t fit your body, mind, or soul.

Maybe you feel heavy and stuck. Like you’ve lost touch with who you are and what you really want from life.

Or maybe you know what you want, but can’t figure out how to get from here to there.

Or you just feel burned out, unfulfilled, cansada de todo, and unable to dream of anything better.

I know that feeling. I’ve been there. 

Stepping away from cultural limitations – ones you’ve learned over a lifetime – isn’t easy. It’s hard to release a burden that took generations to build. But it is possible – and it’s the first step to becoming your bold, brilliant, authentic, and dinámica self.

That’s why I’m here.

Do the deeper work to find your soul’s calling
Stop putting achievement ahead of happiness
Find an abundant life that finally feels easy
In short, make shit happen

If you’re ready to:

Your timing is perfect.

And you’re in the right place!

- Lidia

“Last May I was recommended by a dear friend of mine to take the Amiga Way Academy and it has changed my life. I had cultural barriers and beliefs as a Latina: to stay quiet and stay at a place of employment for many years until I retired, just like my dad did. My father worked so many years in this country and overworked himself so he could provide to our family. As a person who has a hearing disability I was always quiet and did not want to talk to people because I felt that I was going to be humiliated if I did not hear the exact words they told me and I heard it differently. 

A week after I finished grad school I began taking the Amiga Way Academy with mi amiga Jackie. I was unhappy and stressed in my previous job but I was afraid to leave that workplace because I felt comfortable there. Every day I was consistent with the practices Jackie taught us. In a couple of months, what I wanted in life began manifesting. A couple of months ago I received a call to help me transition to my current job, which I love. I get to work with individuals with disabilities to be an advocate for them as I was an advocate for myself for many years. Don't be afraid: Take the Amiga Way Academy and embrace the changes in your life.”

A transformative 6-session program for fearless Latinas and other Amigas who are ready to stand in their power and find their Divine calling. 

Through live sessions with Jackie, and surrounded by a like-minded community, take a deep dive into Jackie’s proven 4+ step AMIGA formula so you can:  

  • Take your life off autopilot

  • Release the hard work and hustle

  • Find ease, confidence, and flow – and success the way YOU define it

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AMIGA Way Academy

What my Amigas are saying...

– Veronica Franco 

“Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your vision board event for 2020! I loved the setting and most of all your personal coaching. Jackie, your workshops bring so much value and I get to learn how to become a better person for my family and my profession. I know I can count on you and I'm looking forward to introducing you to more individuals who can utilize your life coaching services.” 

"A year ago, I discovered how fulfilling it is to connect with like-minded women who encourage each other, share their vulnerabilities, and motivate one another in their personal life and business. In short, to know that we stand 'not alone.' Jackie Tapia is a mentor who lives by example that no matter what life may bring, we can gracefully evolve and empower others on their journey. I found great value in truly connecting with amazing women who are now genuine friends. Jackie, thank you for opening a space of love and opportunity in every Amiga event, podcast, and one-on-one session. " 

– Erika Cárdenas